Why Your Wedding Day Needs A Planner - A View Point from Suppliers & Couples

February 12, 2024

Why Your Wedding Day Needs A Planner - A View Point from Suppliers & Couples

There’s no doubt about it – 2023 was one of our busiest years yet at Hyland Weddings & Events and I can safely say that my team and I adored every second of it. From sun-kissed summer love stories to cosy, intimate celebrations during the winter months, we had the pleasure of working with so many loved-up couples. As we make our way into the 2024 wedding season (it’ll be here before we know it), we thought we’d take the time to reflect on last year’s antics and have a chat to some of our wonderful supplier friends AND couples about their experiencing in hiring a wedding planner.

Photography | Kathryn Clarke-McLeod

In today’s latest journal addition, we’ll be sharing insights from an array of talented professionals that we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last few years to explore the unique advantages of partnering with couples who entrust their special day to the expertise of a wedding planner. From the coordination to the details, we’ll uncover an array of ways in which a planner can effortlessly elevate your overall wedding experience.

And of course, we’ll be catching up with some of our incredible previous couples who are the heart behind Hyland Weddings & Events. Read their stories of why they chose to outsource their wedding planning and the profound impact it had on their journey to saying, ‘I Do’. So, grab a cosy cup of coffee and keep scrolling as we delve into the significance of collaboration and why hiring a wedding planner is often the key to unlocking a seamless and stress-free wedding experience…

From the Suppliers… 

Let’s get the ball rolling with Tara Statton Photography, a fine art wedding photographer. Tara explains why a wedding planner is a must-have addition to your big day:

There are so many benefits to working with a wedding planner, from their wealth of knowledge, support and industry contacts, to ensuring that your dream wedding vision comes to life within budget and without the overwhelm. As a wedding photographer, I love working with planners as they are great at communicating and problem solving both in the lead up to and on the wedding day. You know you'll be working with an incredible and trusted team of suppliers, and that everything will run seamlessly.”

Photographer | Tara Statton

The lovely Kat (of Kathryn Clarke-McLeod Photography) talks about how hiring a wedding planner can benefit your photographs:

“When it comes to your photographs, I strongly believe that you will always remember how you felt when they were taken. So, when a couple are able to fully embrace the wonder, joy and unique spirit of their wedding day knowing someone else is looking after the flow of events, managing dear uncle Nigel who is on the scotch and ensuring the band are perfectly in position and have enough plugs (just three of the six million things Nat will achieve) then that couple will feel happy, chilled, calm and remember their day the way they deserve to - with nothing but joy.”

Photographer | Kathryn Clarke-McLeod

And while we’re on the topic of all things photography and videographery-related, let’s have a catch-up with Justin at Salty Beard Productions (who also happens to be Kat’s husband):

“In a nut shell, less stress without any mess!! That goes for the couple as well as suppliers involved. Wedding planners have in depth knowledge about all aspects of a wedding. They know what works and what doesn’t. They know how to plan and organise leading up to the day and know how to co-ordinate on the day. Helping couples plan and co-ordinate their big day removes the stress and makes it an enjoyable experience, which it should be! A couple’s only concern on the day should be enjoying themselves, not running around trying to co-ordinate.

As a supplier, who has worked with and without planners and co-ordinators, I can say without any shadow of a doubt that weddings with planners run smoother and are far more enjoyable for suppliers, couples and guests. Relaxed couples and guests, enjoying a calm, co-ordinated atmosphere manifest natural, joyful footage and photos. Having someone co-ordinating on the day also means that we never miss a beat, I know exactly where and what will happen when. And know that the day will run smoothly according to schedule.”

Photographer | Kathryn Clarke-McLeod

We adore working with the gang at Mulberry Catering Co, and they’re here to explain how working with a wedding planner ensures for the most delicious feast:

“From a caterer's standpoint, collaborating with a wedding planner proves invaluable as they can elevate our work with the couple to fit the theme of the wedding, creating a cohesive experience for all. On the wedding day, the presence of a skilled wedding planner is priceless, as they can manage logistical intricacies, organisational tasks and provide seamless communication. This allows us to focus on delivering an exceptional dining experience that enhances the joyous celebrations of the day!”

The fabulous Katy Jones Photography is amazing at what she does and has years’ worth of experience capturing love stories. Here’s what she has to say about working with couples who have hired a wedding planner/coordinator:

“Well, it's a no brainer for me. And I tell all my couples if I got married again, a planner would be top of my list. Simply because even the biggest control freaks need a day off - me included. It's hard to imagine anyone will understand your vision the way you do, but that's where Nat is incredible. It's like she gets into their head and knows everything they want, even before the couple do. Handing that vision over is hard but I see it happen. And I see it work.”

Photographer | Katy Jones

Jodie at The Pickle Shack knows a thing or two about working with wedding planners and on-the-day coordinators, and is here to reveal her positive experience:

"When an On-the-Day Coordinator or Wedding Planner is present, we are able to focus fully on delivering the most delicious food possible and indulging guests with attentive service. If there's anything at all that isn't covered by us or your A-team of talented and highly specialised suppliers, your Wedding Planner will be there, waiting in the wings! A Wedding Planner is essentially the conductor of your wedding-supplier orchestra. If you want your wedding to be perfectly composed, emotive and magical - a Wedding Planner is a must!"

The gang at Milkshed Catering are on hand to chat about why a wedding planner will provide couples with peace of mind (especially when it comes to their wedding catering).

“We find that hiring a wedding planner offers couples complete peace of mind in the lead up to their wedding, and on the day itself. When we are catering for weddings and events with a planner, we know that all of the little details will be taken care of, meaning that our couples can completely relax and enjoy their day. It's a service we would highly recommend (particularly in a marquee or dry hire wedding venue setting!).”

From the Couples

We adored working with Megan and Rory to plan their special day (you can even enjoy a glimpse inside their celebration on the journal). Here’s their experience on hiring a wedding planner:

1. What made you decide to book a wedding planner/coordinator for your wedding?

“We opted for a marquee that we could make our own on my husband’s rugby teams pitch. Our wedding day was very much about us as a couple and individuals, so this was the perfect venue. My husband’s second home and I had free reign to make the marquee ours. But this came with its challenges. They had never had a wedding at the rugby club, nor did they really have a member of staff that could over see the day. Being the perfectionist I am, I knew I wanted everything to run smoothly, and the small things really matter to me. It was suggested to me by our caterers that with a marquee wedding it can be handy to have an on the day coordinator. So, I was given some details of some wedding coordinators and that’s where I found Natalie. After emailing and a video call we knew that having a wedding Coordinator was now a non-negotiable.” 

2. Looking back on your day and planning, how did having a planner/coordinator on board help elevate any stresses? 

“It was the best decision we made. We only paid for a ‘on the day coordination’ service, but we got so much more than that. Natalie helped finalise the running order of the day and contacted all our vendors prior to the day to share this information as-well as anything else. As weddings do, we had a few hiccups on the day but Natalie stepped in, found solutions and you wouldn’t have even known things hadn’t gone to plan.”

3. What advice would you give other couples when planning their own wedding? 

Enjoy it. Planning, designing and making things is something I have a real passion for. I absolutely loved the chaos of planning our wedding but it can be incredibly stressful. It’s the biggest day of your life and you want everything to be perfect but try not to stress and just enjoy every little part of planning your big day. Have some nice things planned for after the big day. It can be a bit deflating after having spent all that time planning (it can take over your life) and you can feel a bit lost. Have some nice things to look forward to with your new husband/wife. 

4. Why would you recommend a planner/coordinator to other couples?  

“It will be the best thing you do and one of the things your guests will talk about. Natalie saved the day with the hiccups we had and without her there, our day wouldn’t have gone as smoothly. Myself and my husband would have been having to sort things/delegate on the day, that shouldn’t be your job on your wedding day. When you think you’ve thought of everything, they will have a list of things you haven’t. It’s worth having someone to oversee your plans as they know what works. If you want minimise stress or just don’t know where to start, then seek help from a wedding Coordinator, it’ll be money well spent.”

Photographer | Kathryn Clarke-McLeod


It was an absolute pleasure working with Emma and James to bring their big day to life. Discover a snippet of their story and find out why they hired Hyland Weddings & Events:

1. What made you decide to book a wedding planner/coordinator for your wedding?

“We didn’t opt for a packaged wedding as we preferred a day unique to us with different suppliers and details at our selected venue. Having a coordinator was essential for us to bring this all together safe in the knowledge that we had a competent partner in which we could trust our special day to run smoothly.”

2. Looking back on your day and planning, how did having a planner/coordinator on board help elevate any stresses?

“Knowing someone else had all the details for our wedding day took a lot of pressure off us as a couple. It meant our roles were purely as bride and groom and not dietary adviser or time manager. This included in the lead up to the event as good coordinators will help bring suppliers details together and check all the key details for the day and for guests in the lead up to the event hopefully avoiding any last-minute stresses.”

3. What advice would you give other couples when planning their own wedding?

“Pick someone you trust and if you can someone who is independent to all other suppliers on the day (some caterers etc. will offer coordination services). This means you have someone focused holistically on your wedding and Suppliers can also trust that whatever happens there is a key problem solver available to them on the day and as such will burden you less with queries.”

4. Why would you recommend and planner/coordinator to other couples?

“Yes, we would highly recommend booking a wedding coordinator for the day. It allowed us to completely relax and spend the time enjoying all the precious moments together seamlessly. We didn’t even need to worry when an extra guest showed up uninvited!”

Photographer | Joshua Gooding


You may have spotted Sam & Greg’s gorgeous wedding on the grid (if you haven’t already, take a peek here) and we just loved working with this vibrant couple to ensure their special day ran without a hitch:

1. What made you decide to book a wedding planner/coordinator for your wedding?

“I decided to book a wedding planner for several reasons. The overarching reason was that I just didn't want to have to deal with the stress of planning and executing my vision while also having to do everything else in my life.Secondly, my wonderful and amazing wedding planner, Natalie Hyland, has contacts, tips, experience, and all the wonderful things that you wouldn't think of. She made our wedding seem absolutely effortless and beautiful. She has all the resources I did not have to execute what I envisioned my day to be. The third reason is I was also planning a wedding in the UK, while living in the USA and knew there was no way I could pull that off without a planner!”

2. Looking back on your day and planning, how did having a planner/coordinator on board help elevate any stresses?

“Having a planner alleviated all stress. I didn't have to think about a single thing besides just enjoying myself. Natalie had everything perfected down to every moment!”

3. What advice would you give other couples when planning their own wedding?

“Don't walk, RUN to hire a planner. It is not worth even a second thought. Every penny is worth it and you will feel like you got more than your money's worth. I know budgets are probably everyone's stress point for a wedding but having a planner was the best thing we did for ourselves and our wedding. There are a million things you don't think of when it comes to what is needed to have a wedding and our planner not only guided us through it but provided so many options and choices and had little surprises for us throughout the day. Also, while it seems like you maybe spending more on a planner, that is not the case. Wedding planners know everything when it comes to weddings. That includes finding you the best deals and rates for all vendors and costs for a wedding. Better rates than you would be able to find if you are planning your own wedding, which makes up the cost of having a planner coordinate everything for you.”

Photographer | Paige Grace

Bea & Ryan’s summer wedding last year was just incredible and an utter joy to be a part of! We couldn’t resist sharing a snippet of their experience hiring a wedding planner/coordinator:

1. Looking back on your day and planning, how did having a planner/coordinator on board help elevate any stresses?

Having a single point of contact on the day was just brilliant and so helpful. Not just for the suppliers but also ourselves! Natalie acted as a brilliant ‘screen’ between the numerous suppliers and ourselves, and vice-versa. If we had any questions or problems during the day, we just spoke to Natalie and she sorted it. Having someone to rely upon and co-ordinate the day made it infinitely more enjoyable for ourselves.

If you are having a marque wedding, then having a wedding co-ordinator on the day is an absolute must! I have absolutely no idea how we would have been able to organise multiple suppliers and constantly moving parts on our Wedding Day without Natalie being there. Originally, I thought that I could just make an excel spreadsheet for the wedding day timings and send this to our suppliers, and this would be enough to keep the whole day on track, but with hindsight I know this never would have worked and we would have been bombarded with endless logistic questions on the day. Natalie was brilliant - she had so much helpful advice and understood our “brief” perfectly. On the day she then worked tirelessly to make sure that every part worked perfectly and when plans needed to change (due to weather), she solved any problems instantly.

2. What advice would you give other couples when planning their own wedding?

Give yourselves as much time as possible. Don’t be too ambitious in setting an early wedding date, and start planning as early as possible. Get your key suppliers booked in, and things start to flow from there. A planner/co-ordinator can help you think of things that you may not have thought of, and help you work through the various elements of the day. Be organised, take things one step at a time, and try not to get too stressed. Remember, your suppliers do weddings for a living. They usually know best!

Trust your gut, the best decisions we made were the instinct decisions that we made early on - they tend to be the most personal/individual choices and so are the ones people remember and try to think about the day from the perspective of your guests and go think about every stage of their experience… Ryan and I have been to weddings in the past where we have felt like there have been lags/lack of momentum, so when planning our wedding we looked at every phase and did our absolute best to eliminate these and keep building momentum   

3. Why would you recommend and planner/coordinator to other couples?

A planner/coordinator can do as much or as little as you would like to them do. In our instance, we had a very specific idea of how we wanted the day to look and feel. Natalie got our vibe immediately, and where we were unsure about certain elements or had gaps with our suppliers, Natalie was able to step in to help and give her advice. When it came to the day itself, Natalie was the star of the show. You lose track of how many suppliers are required for the day and how many moving parts there are. To have a single point of contact that knew everything that was going on was so helpful. Having Natalie enabled us to just relax and enjoy our day so much more.

Photographer | Tom Durn

It's been so lovely looking back and celebrating past love stories, embracing the excitement of newly engaged couples and eagerly anticipating the weddings that are just waiting to unfold in the upcoming months! We have a small handful of dates left for weddings in 2024, while our diaries are now open for 2025 and beyond. We welcome you to get in touch to find out more about our luxe wedding planning services.