Hyland Weddings & Events | Devon Wedding Planner
Hyland Weddings & Events | Devon Wedding Planner

Meet The Founder

Natalie Hyland is the heart behind Hyland Weddings & Events.  

Natalie’s fire for organisation and planning was ignited after an event planning project during her Business Studies course and she has now built a reputation within the industry for over 13 wonderful years. In the years that have passed since, Natalie has crafted unforgettable events on all scales, from intimate gatherings in the rolling countryside to extravagant corporate soirées with all the trimmings.

Hyland Weddings & Events is the effortless culmination of Natalie’s passion for curating weddings where the planning process is just as incredible as the day itself. We’ll work collaboratively with you so that your ideas and visions are heard, all of which will be underpinned by impeccable organisation, meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering service that is impossible to find elsewhere.

Hyland Weddings & Events | Devon Wedding Planner

Guiding you through the planning journey

Hyland Weddings & Events | Devon Wedding Planner

Natalie and our team will guide you through the planning journey, with unrelenting warmth, creativity and most importantly, heart. Over the years, we’ve connected with some of Devon’s most admired suppliers and venues out there, establishing a talented team who will work alongside Hyland Weddings & Events to bring you a heartfelt and meaningful celebration. It’s the bigger picture and the smaller details in between – where all the pieces come together, just for one day.

Everything is taken care of.

Everything is effortlessly stylish.

And everything, is yours.

It's magic but for grown-ups

Hyland Weddings & Events has been founded on a decade of expertise, where we’ll thoughtfully curate each moment of your day, with a distinctive style that is inspired by you.

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Hyland Weddings & Events Devon | Wedding Planner Devon
Hyland Weddings & Events | Devon Wedding Planner
Hyland Weddings & Events | Devon Wedding Planner
“A planning experience that goes above and beyond the wedding day…”

Meet the founder.

Hyland Weddings & Events | Devon Wedding Planner

Always smiling and a true Aquarius to the core, Natalie puts her friends and family first without a thought, so it was a natural progression that she would do the very same for her clients. And with a sole purpose to bring happiness to her couples, wedding planning is something that Natalie was born to do.

She’s creative, honest, and undeniably energetic. There is nothing more important to Natalie than establishing a bond with each client she works with, ensuring that every wedding she plans is infused with personality and meaning.

  •  Wedding Planner.
  • Event Designer.
  • Creative Collaborator.

Working with couples & clients across the Southwest

Natalie lives in Devon with her Jack Russel, Tallulah (AKA: Bebe, Beans, Sausage, Saucisson, Poppet). When she’s not making wedding magic happen, you’ll find Natalie soaking up the scenery with a walk by the sea, getting stuck into a good book, travelling across the world and immersing herself in different cultures. Get her on that plane!
Hyland Weddings & Events | Devon Wedding Planner

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Our Services
Hyland Weddings & Events | Devon Wedding Planner

What makes Natalie tick.

  • Traditional Greek frappes – it’s long-term love affair and you’ll often find Natalie with one in hand.
  • Good food teamed with even better cocktails.
  • Cake. Cake. And… more cake.
  • Travelling to far-flung locations. In fact, Natalie has worked abroad for five years in Majorca, Tenerife, Cyprus, Rhodes and Mexico.
  • Cheerleading those she loves and admires.
  • Working with loved-up couples with a story that deserves to be told.

Natalie was our wedding planner for our wedding in Devon.

The logistics of organising a wedding are quite daunting, however, following our initial meeting with Natalie we felt completely relaxed and in good hands! 

At our first meeting, Natalie was really friendly and welcoming.  She took her time to understand us as a couple and the main things that were important to us at our wedding.  There were quite a few areas of consideration that we had not thought of that Natalie brought to our attention, which was extremely useful.  We both really appreciated that Natalie would provide her honest opinion on ideas that we had, based on her experience, to ensure that our wedding would run as smoothly as possible. We both came away from the first meeting feeling like we had been listened to and had a clear sight of the next steps in the planning process. 

At subsequent planning meetings, we finalised ideas and Natalie treated us like long-term friends.  We really felt that she truly cared about making our wedding as personal as possible!

On the day of the wedding, I had no nerves about the order of the day as I knew that Natalie and her team would be on hand to ensure everything ran smoothly.  Natalie was always there for us when we needed her and made us both feel really special on the day. I couldn’t recommend Natalie highly enough to anyone that is getting married.  Natalie is extremely approachable, friendly, honest and reliable.


Hyland Weddings & Events | Devon Wedding Planner